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Medical & Dental Office Construction

Medical buildings are more than just four walls. They are a place where usability, patient comfort, and sanitation standards must be the top priority.

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Medical & Dental Construction The Way You Need It

When it comes to constructing medical facilities, rehabilitation centers, dental offices, and general healthcare provider offices, there are a lot of details that need to be considered. We build custom, state-of-the-art hospitals and medical facilities to ensure your future patients have a seamless, comfortable process. In addition, we construct Medicare and Medicaid-compliant surgery centers and clinics with innovative technology so your doctors and nurses can focus on patients and nothing else.
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Key Features

Why Our Medical & Dental Construction Is Different

Picking Scope Contracting to build your hospital, rehabilitation facility, dental office, or general medical clinic is a safe choice because we take compliance seriously. When it comes to healthcare facilities, not only do your buildings need to focus on ADA accessibility but the standards set forth by Medicare and Medicaid. We meet and exceed the standards for new construction hospitals and would be honored to be part of the remodeling process. In addition, we offer medical building expansion construction and medical and dental construction renovations.

Energy Efficiency

Owning and operating extensive medical facilities come with a lot of overhead. In addition, medical facilities consume more electricity than other facilities because of the various equipment used when working with patients. Therefore, we aim to prioritize energy efficiency to limit your expenses.

Equipment Needs

Our skilled staff is capable of constructing a building that suits your specific industry’s equipment requirements. For example, dental offices require different equipment than surgery centers. We work with you and your team to build a medical facility that makes your workflow more manageable and efficient.


At Scope Contracting, we prioritize our education on Medicare, Medicare, and ADA compliance. We have extensive knowledge of the unique regulations that need to be followed, and we take those regulations seriously. Our team is detail-oriented, and our craftsmanship speaks for itself.


We work hard to ensure easy-to-navigate paths will lead your patients in and out of your facilities. When constructing extensive medical campuses, footpaths and curbside parking become an essential part of smooth operations. Not only do your patients need to be able to travel around your location, but so does your staff.

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