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Design-build is a leading, modern, and efficient delivery method of construction projects in America.

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What is Design-Build?

Design-build is the process of one team guiding you through the design and development processes of construction. One team means one contract, which means a more manageable project for you. Design-Build simplifies the building process because one business has a multi-faceted team working seamlessly together to finish your projects. With easy communications and frequent communications amongst the team, this reduces the risk of hiccups and increases efficiency.
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What are the benefits of Design-Build?

Design-Build is becoming the leading choice in construction methods for a reason; it is effective. Design-Build produces one contract, which means one person you speak with in contact with. This helps save you time from juggling multiple calls from multiple contractors. In addition, the individual you speak with during the construction process will know everything that is going on in your project and be able to keep you fully up to speed. You will not have to hear any “I don’t knows.” This increases the input you have and the number of updates you can receive on your project. Additionally, one team working together saves time and reduces costs.

One Contract

As the project owner, managing and balancing multiple contracts can become overwhelming and confusing. Design-build simplifies the process, so you have one team, one contract, and a shared goal of a beautiful finished project.

One Team

One team working towards a shared goal not only simplifies your experience through the building process, but it yields better results. When the architect and builder work on a project together, this guarantees a buildable functional design. The integration creates harmony on the job site, and that harmony shows in your building.


The design-build process reduces the cost of labor and materials. When a team has experience working together, they are able to develop a smooth workflow that decreases the time they are on the job. Less time on the job site saves you money and gets your structure completed sooner.


When your project is a company's main priority, you do not have to wait for other contractors to come in and complete one step of the project before moving forward. The project is not halted while waiting for materials either. When one contractor works on the project, they are able to time everything perfectly, which gets the job done faster.

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Due to the unified nature of the design-build process, you do not have to worry about becoming overwhelmed during any phase of construction. So, let’s get to work and get your project finished.