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Construction Consulting

When developing land, it is a multi-layered process. Our experienced team can work with you during all aspects of the project, from floor plans to permits.

Construction Consulting Made Easy

Construction Consulting The Way You Need It

There are so many different aspects of construction that vary during pre-construction, construction, and post-construction. It is nearly impossible to handle it all and be current with the codes and regulations. That is why we can take care of it for you. Our team has decades of combined experience with budgeting and planning. We work closely with utility companies and the county to ensure your development is up to code and functioning properly. Here at Scope Contracting, we aim to make the process as easy as possible for you.
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Key Features

Why Our Construction Consulting Is Different

Our team has extensive experience with every phase of the construction process. We know how to navigate through the process, and we can foresee potential issues and know which decisions to make and avoid. Every decision we make is an educated decision with your unique location and project in mind. Our knowledge gives us the ability to make a budget and schedule-friendly choices to guide you in the right direction.

Floor Plans

For every building, regardless of the size, floor plans play a crucial role in the usability of the structure. Our experience grants us the ability to know what works and what does not work for every type of building. We prioritize using an optimal layout so you get the most out of your facility.


Before construction starts, permits are required to make sure your project will be completed up to code and that the land is suitable for your project. Our team is familiar with permitting and the fees associated with the process. With our experience, this part of the development is simple.

Time Conscious

You are eager for your grand opening, and so are we. The sooner you open your doors, the sooner your company can start yielding a profit. The sooner the grand opening day is, the sooner we have earned one more satisfied customer. We cannot wait to start your project and, in a timely manner, bring your dreams into reality.


Our team keeps your budget at the forefront of our minds and strives to find a balance between budget-friendly and top-tier material. This balance guarantees our customers a pocket-friendly yet jaw-dropping finished product without ever sacrificing the structural integrity of the project.

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Contact us to receive a bid on your project. We would love to become familiar with your company's needs and the desired outcome. We will share our knowledge with you to ensure an effortless journey through the construction process.